Design Your Wav Vol. 3 – Ladies Night!!!

Design Your Wav Vol. 3 - LADIES NIGHT

Saturday, March 27th, 2021, at 5pm est. Bounce Gvng invites you to join our digital music showcase, Design Your Wav Volume 3 – Ladies Night! Women’s History Month is every month for us at Bounce Gvng, but this is our tribute to the ALL of the dope female creators out there. Tune in while we […]

NFT Mania: Swae Lee, Illmind, and Grimes Enter the Ring

Swae Lee, Illmind, and Grimes have all embraced the NFT craze

NFTs have the music industry buzzing in a way they have never before. Swae Lee, Illmind, and Grimes are some of the latest high-profile figures in music to embrace the NFT craze. Who’s next? There really is no adrenaline rush like finding out one of your favorite music creatives is embracing the new technology you’ve […]

Music Publishing Money Explained pt. 2: Mechanical Royalties & Neighboring Rights

Note: This is part 2 of a multi-part series called “Music Publishing Money Explained”. To read the first article in the series, “The Two Copyrights,” please click here. RECAP: The Two Copyrights Okay, so in part 1 of this series, we did a deep dive into the two music copyrights, how they’re different, and how […]

Marketing Monday: What’s Your Budget?

In the wise words of Jay-Z, “I’m not a businessman; I’m a business, man!” Whether you’re an artist or a producer, I can’t stress enough that you are a business. All businesses have expenses and all must create a budget to effectively use their resources to grow. You, my friend, are no different. Where to […]

Music Publishing Money Explained pt. 1: The Two Copyrights

music publishing money

Copyrights: The Most Basic Building Blocks for Understanding the Music Industry and collecting Music Publishing Money Let’s face it. The inner workings of this music industry stuff can be reeeeeeally tricky to understand. And honestly, many execs out there count on you not understanding how all this works so they can tax you for your […]

Tech Tuesday: deadmau5 the latest artist to dabble with NFTs

deadmau5 is eating well because of NFT collectibles

Will NFTs be the bridge between the music industry and blockchain? Renowned multi-Grammy-nominated artist deadmau5 is back in the NFT game with Nifty Gateway, this time alongside digital artist Mad Dog Jones. He released two NFT art collectibles, Lotus Train and Dead Ramen, on Friday. Altogether, the auctions amassed over $338,000. These kinds of profits […]

Publishing Wednesday: The MLC – The New Way To Get More Royalties

Publishing Wednesday: The MLC

So What Exactly Is The MLC? Thanks to the Music Modernization Act (MMA) of 2018, there’s a new kid on the block when it comes to getting some of the royalties you’re owed: The Mechanical Licensing Collective, Inc., also known as The MLC. Essentially, The MLC is the new, non-profit organization created and overseen by […]

Publishing Wednesday: How ISRCs Get You Paid

How ISRCs Help You Get Paid

ISRCs: The Great Controversy? Last week, there was a big stir on the popular Clubhouse app regarding a small little code: the ISRC. As we covered in our Tech Tuesday article, despite resources and information being readily available online, there still seems to be some confusion and misinformation around ISRCs, what they are, and most […]

Tech Tuesday: What are ISRCs and why should you care about them?

What are ISRCs and why should you care about them?

ISRCs are causing a stir on the interwebs Clubhouse, a wildly popular social networking app, has taken quarantine by storm due to its unique ability to connect people of all backgrounds, professions, and interests via drop-in audio. Since its inception in April, numerous discussions have been had on the platform, ranging from how to optimize […]

Design Your Wav Vol. 2 – Sync Series

Online Music Event

Saturday, February 13th, 2021, at 5pm est. Bounce Gvng invites you to join our digital music showcase, Design Your Wav Volume 2 – Sync Series. Our spotlight is on composers, producers, writers & artists who seek to flourish in the TV/Film, or advertisement world. __ Most people know Ludwig Goransson for his involvement in producing […]