Superorganism Went From Internet Music Forums to the FIFA 18 Soundtrack: Slept On Sunday

Superorganism Slept On Sunday

Superorganism Went From Internet Music Forums to the FIFA 18 Soundtrack: Slept On Sunday


Slept On Sunday shines a light on the best of what’s slept on in music and culture.

Superorganism is slept on.

“We are 8 nerds from all over the world making art via the internet basically!!” reads Superorganisms Spotify bio. And it is the aptest way to describe who they are. 

Superorganism is a direct product of the internet. The band started as a fun, casual, musical experience via the internet while many of the members were spread across the world from the US to the UK, to Australia; many of them meeting each other through online music forums. However, it wouldn’t be until after they started touring internationally together that they’d meet their lead vocalist, Orono Noguchi, while in Japan. 

Since then Superorganism has released 1 killer album and a ton of remixes to go along with it. Including remixes from Dan The Automator, Polo & Pan, and many others. They’ve even landed a placement on FIFA 18 with their song “Something For Your M.I.N.D.”

 Their self titled album was released just 2 years ago but hasn’t lost any of its replay value. And that’s all because of the songs. They’re all catchy, fun, and contagious to the point where you’ll have to run them back a few times just to get it out of your system. 

The creativity displayed on this album is really the selling point though. Specifically the sample choice and sound design throughout the whole project. In many of the songs you’ll hear sounds from the real world, including cars driving and honking, cell phone beeps and birds.

And then on the others, they have a lot of at-home/DIY sound design that adds so much to the flavor and personality of this album. On the song “Something For Your M.I.N.D.” there’s a section where they use the sound of them biting into an apple as a texture, as well as them actually blowing bubbles using a glass of water and straw. It’s all awesome. 

For those that are sleeping on Superorganism, the catch up is easy. They only have 1 album so far, and it’s a very fun one. 

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