Soundtrap Is The Perfect Educational Production Tool

Soundtrap Tech Review

Soundtrap Is The Perfect Educational Production Tool


One major obstacle for teaching music production is the cost of a DAW. Perhaps not for a single/private student, but for a whole class of say, 20-25 students, the cost begins to add up. And that’s just for one class. Allow me to introduce everyone to Soundtrap (you can visit their hompage here), an in-browser production studio.

What is Soundtrap?

It’s a fully functional DAW, with all the basic capabilities of the most popular softwares. It features a full-sized grid, a step sequencer, piano roll, automation, and an expansive library of instruments and effects.

Soundtrap Arrangement Grid
Soundtrap Arrangement Grid

Some of the effects even include EQ and Compression, so you can do some light mixing in here as well.

Soundtrap Library
Soundtrap Library

How Does Soundtrap Compare to Other DAWs?

Before any of the obvious comparisons to Logic, Ableton or FL come out, try to look at this from a different perspective. It’s truly impressive how expansive and capable it is, especially given that it runs in-browser. It’s incredibly intuitive and easy to use. And you can also invite people using email or a link for online collaboration. Furthermore, all the other DAWs cost upwards of $200, and in certain situations they may not be what you’re looking for.

Who Would Benefit From Soundtrap?

Due to its limitations compared to desktop-based DAWs I would not recommend Soundtrap for professional producers. However, I would passionately recommend it to the more specific community of teachers, tutors or educational directors looking for an effective educational software.

If you’re teaching basic production Soundtrap truly is the perfect tool for you. Especially if you have a class of 20-25 students, Soundtrap really seems to be the most cost-efficient choice.

If you run music production classes,

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