Small Professor Brought Back Sean Price and People Are Still Sleeping: Slept On Sunday

Small Professor Slept On Sunday

Small Professor Brought Back Sean Price and People Are Still Sleeping: Slept On Sunday


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People are sleeping on Small Professor.

Philadelphia hip-hop producer Small Professor has been active since the mid-2000s. His moniker is a result of his appreciation for hip-hop legend Large Professor, as well as his small stature. Focused on his passion for soulful, and sample-based hip hop, Small Pro has created a creative space of his own to explore all corners of his sound. As a result, Small Professor has been able to attract like-minded greats such as Sean Price, Guilty Simpson, Quelle Chris, and Reef The Lost Cauze. 

Small Professor has remained very consistent in his output. Sometimes releasing multiple projects within the same year. Or maybe more applicable, multiple jawns. This year alone he released a 3 part tape series called “A Jawn Supreme” featuring his signature sound of sample-based hip hop. Even further on his Bandcamp page, he has up to 20 projects whose titles are all plays off “Jawn”. He also has an awesome tape full of flips of Herbie Hancock’s “Head Hunters” Called “Hancock” featuring fellow producer Arcka.

For all the producer heads, and the soulful hip-hop heads Small Professor will undoubtedly have something for you. His beats alone are enjoyable to listen to. And when he works with artists and rappers he still keeps the same energy and feeling, not compromising his sound. 

Though he is seasoned, he’s still slept on. The good news though, is that there are years of music to go discover. If you’ve been sleeping it’s easy to wake up. 

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