Slept On Sunday: Tierra Whack

Slept On Sunday: Tierra Whack


Its Sunday and Tierra Whack is still slept on. But for how much longer?

This isn’t a retrospective wake up call; more like an alarm clock, because this Philadelphia artist should be on everyone’s radar by now. If you’ve missed her music so far, don’t worry. It’s an easy catch-up.

So far she’s dropped a fair amount of singles and was featured on the 2019 XXL Freshman list, but let’s focus on her debut album. Whack World dropped in 2018 and was easily one of the most unique projects of the year. Coming in at a grand total of only 15 minutes, each track was a maximum of 1 minute long. She had to make every second count for these songs, and she definitely did.

The tracks on “Whack World” are contagious, and each song varies in the way it fits into the one minute time limit. Some feel complete at the end, while others feel they were stopped short, but that only adds to the insane replay value of this project. If you haven’t heard this album yet, now is your chance.

Still, this Sunday is not just about Whack World, it’s about Tierra Whack herself. Beyond this project she’s incredibly dope, showing out every time she gets the opportunity. She’s had awesome moments on Funk Master Flex, Tim Westwood TV, and the 2019 XXL Cypher. They’re all as fun to watch as they are a testament to her unique talent.

She’s also had some incredible accomplishments within the TV/Commercial world that are not to be dismissed. You may have heard her on the TV Show Lovecraft Country, or in a skincare commercial for Walgreens.

Maybe one amazing project isn’t enough to wake everyone up just yet. And that’s fine because that means everybody still has a chance to wake up before she drops again.

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