Slept On Sunday: Reuben Vincent

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Reuben Vincent

Slept On Sunday shines a light on the best of what’s slept on in hip-hop music and culture. This is a wake-up call.

It’s Sunday and Reuben Vincent is slept on.

Representing 9th Wonder’s Jamla Records, Reuben Vincent fits in among the crew of soulful hip hop artists on the label. In 2017, just a year after his signing, he released his debut album “Myers Park”, and some Stranger Things styled cover art.

With production from all over the Jamla roster, including 9th Wonder, Khrysis, and Eric G, Vincent showcased a knack for compelling storytelling, clever flows, as well as soulful/boom-bap beat choice. So after listening it’s clear that he fits right into the Jamla Sound.

At such an early stage in his career, it’s exciting to imagine where this can take him. Especially because of what he’s been working on since his first project. It’s been a solid 3 years for Reuben Vincent: he’s been in rotation throughout the Jamla Circle, featuring on a GQ project, a Murs project, and the label wide album “9th Wonder Presents: Jamla II is the Squad,”. In 2020 he had a huge placement on the Madden 20 soundtrack with his song “No Problems.”

Although Vincent exists in a circle outside the mainstream, he has his own strengths that make him just as exciting to watch as the artists in the national spotlight. His talent alone is reason to be excited, but the team surrounding him only amplifies that. The Jamla roster is packed with hip hop legends and heavyweights and he’s already worked with more than a few of them. Both his debut and his most recent project, “Boy Meets World,” show just how dangerous this team can be.

Time will tell how much Reuben Vincent is able to transfer into more mainstream spotlights, but for now, he’s still slept on. But who knows? Maybe he’ll be your next artist to watch. There’s always time to wake up to someone new.

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Sam Mandell

Sam Mandell

Guitarist/producer originally from Harrison, New York. Currently based in Queens.

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