Slept On Sunday: Melanie Faye

It’s Sunday and Melanie Faye is still slept on.

Melanie Faye is a 22-year-old R&B guitarist from Huntsville, Alabama. Self-taught by playing Guitar Hero, she’s gained huge amounts of notoriety via her Instagram page. Check out her profile and you’ll immediately see why. Her playing is incredible; she’s able to confidently balance the technical and the soulful in her style. She’s very much a “guitarist’s favorite guitarist,” but she’s also capturing the attention of more casual fans and listeners.

In the short 3 years since her blow up, she’s had some moments that were amazing to watch. She’s been endorsed by John Mayer, H.E.R., SZA and Chance the Rapper. She’s also played alongside the likes of Mac Demarco, Masego (on NPRs Tiny Desk Concert) and Noname. 

In between these milestones she’s also released a few singles and an EP that further showcase why everybody should be aware of her presence in both the guitar and R&B worlds.

Within every genre and subculture of music, a conversation always revolves around who represents the future of the scene. For example, Hip Hop has the XXL Freshman list to publicly endorse the artists who represent the future of hip hop. The reason Melanie Faye is so exciting is because she’s able to exist in these conversations throughout multiple spaces. Whether it be R&B, indie rock, folk, blues, or even hip hop, her skills and influence are transferable across genres. To fans and fellow guitarists alike, watching Melanie’s rise is both refreshing and inspiring.

If you’ve been sleeping, now’s your chance to wake up.

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