Slept On Sunday: JPEGMAFIA

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Slept On Sunday shines a light on the best of what’s slept on in hip-hop music and culture. This is a wake-up call.

It’s Sunday and JPEGMAFIA is still slept on.

JPEGMAFIA, originally from Brooklyn, New York is a rapper, artist, and producer, but it can sometimes feel like those terms are a bit limiting for him. He has the ability to rap and sing, but there are often times where he extends beyond those labels and breaks from more traditional approaches to songwriting.

There’s not always a hook in his songs, the intros are sometimes longer than average, and his music can switch from loud and abrasive to glitchy and trippy to soft and dreamy in an instant. For some, it can be hard to swallow. But for others, it’s precisely these qualities that make JPEGMAFIA so interesting and so engaging. For example, the intro to the song  “Baby I’m Bleeding” is 50 seconds in length and features a sample that changes pitch unexpectedly. Along with seemingly random kick and snare patterns, and various sounds and grunts from JPEG.

At first listen it’s intense, a bit confusing, and builds tension really well. But come to the first drop it’s explosive and impactful. Throughout his discography, there are plenty of examples of his unique approach to song structure, tension, and resolve.

Beyond his own music JPEGMAFIA has been able to collaborate with some exciting names including Denzel Curry, who both featured JPEG on his own album “Taboo” and hopped on a remix of one of JPEGs songs “Bald”.

 He has also collaborated with Kenny Beats, appearing on his show “The Cave” and releasing a single together: “Puff Daddy”.

JPEGMAFIA is still slept on, but that could change, as soon as people wake up.

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Sam Mandell

Sam Mandell

Guitarist/producer originally from Harrison, New York. Currently based in Queens.

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