Satellite Sessions by Mixed In Key Is The Perfect Virtual Collaboration Tool

Satellite Sessions Review

Satellite Sessions by Mixed In Key Is The Perfect Virtual Collaboration Tool


The Problem

This pandemic has created a problem for musicians, producers, and artists alike: virtual collaboration. Through apps like Zoom we’ve been able to operate in the same virtual space, but the process of collaboration has been inefficient. Having to constantly switch between who shares their screen/sound, and having to send files through other media sharing apps can be a real momentum killer. And the last thing you want in a session is for your momentum and energy to come to a halt. Satellite Sessions from Mixed in Key may be able to help keep that momentum going.

Satellite Sessions

Over the course of 2020, we tried a good amount of solutions to this problem. All of them were either too convoluted or still too inefficient for our liking. It wasn’t until the beginning of this year, however, that we discovered “Satellite” by Mixed In Key.

Satellite is a 2 part plugin that acts as a cloud session, allowing users to easily share audio files with each other, no matter the DAW. The first plugin, Satellite Sessions, is a VST instrument that syncs the various DAW sessions together, allowing all participants to see and hear the shared audio. The second, Satellite Audio, is a VST insert effect which allows individual audio tracks to record into the shared audio window.

Satelite Sessions VST Screenshot
Satellite Sessions VST Instrument
Satellite Sessions: Satellite Audio VST Screenshot
Satellite Audio VST Insert

The Solution

In conclusion, Mixed In Key created a great solution to the virtual collaboration problem that we’ve all been facing this past year. It’s really efficient and perfect for collaborating with any DAW.

In addition, it’s geared towards you as the creator as well. It aims to put whoever is a part of the session in the driver’s seat. Satellite allows you to both add new audio and to solo and mute tracks to your liking.

For those struggling to collaborate virtually, this is the perfect solution. It’s free right now, available for both Mac and Windows, and it’s compatible with any DAW.

Download the Satellite Plugins here.

And my Bounce Gvng teammate Agent M and I made a quick tutorial video. In it we show you how easy it is to collaborate using Satellite. Have fun creating!

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