Sat-Her-Day: Amber Ryann, The Best Coast Secret

Sat-Her-Day: Amber Ryann, The Best Coast Secret


On a hot August day (August 24, 2020 to be exact) I was scrolling through twitter and came across a video. This video featured Amber Ryann who I call the best coast secret. “Williams Sonoma” was blasting through my phone while she dawned a black suit, tan turtle neck, holding balloons, and an electric guitar. Not only did I run it back I immediately hit follow.

The Los Angeles artist and producer is truly creating a lane for herself in Alternative Hip-Hop. Her latest single “Alone” which she co-produced is the perfect blend of trap and pop. Released on January 20, 2021, the song has over four thousand streams on Spotify and the video has over seven thousand views on YouTube. Did I mention that Amber created the whole video herself?! Not only this video but all of her videos?!

Don’t worry about being late to the party, Amber has plenty of music and videos for you to catch up on. After releasing multiple singles last year, Ryann has surpassed a million streams collectively and plans to release more music monthly. I admire Amber’s work ethic and consistency. Many artists are the jack of all trades and master of none. Amber Ryann, the best coast secret is the exception to the rule.

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