Sat-Her-Day: 7 Things to Know About Pluto x Baby Pluto’s Loudy Luna

Sat-Her-Day: Loudy Luna

Sat-Her-Day: 7 Things to Know About Pluto x Baby Pluto’s Loudy Luna


Working with the Likes of Future and Lil Uzi, Loudy Luna is Showing No Signs of Slowing

Here are some facts to help you get familiar with Loudy Luna, one of the hottest young producers in the game.

1. She’s from Dayton, Ohio.

She’s one of the latest talents to hail from the Buckeye state.

2. She got the name Louda Luna in high school.

Formerly known as Todja, her stage name is Loudy Luna.

3. She got her first Billboard Hot 100 record with Future and Lil Uzi Vert.

Loudy coproduced the fast-paced trap track “Sleeping on the Floor” with “Life is Good” producer D. Hill for Future and Uzi’s collaborative project Pluto x Baby Pluto. The song charted at No. 68 due to high on-demand streaming numbers.

4. Loudy Luna is also an artist.

She both produces and raps. According to her, neither comes more easily than the other, though learning FL Studio was “a headache” at first.

5. Her next project is executively produced by D. Hill.

It’s essentially complete and allegedly called LUNA LAND. Fans should be expecting it to drop sometime this year.

6. Drake follows her on Instagram.

Loudy showcased her hard-hitting beats during a battle held by Cardo and Boi-1da on Clubhouse in late November. The likes of No I.D., Sonny Digital, and Metro Boomin were also in attendance. The Boy was on stage and clearly impressed because he followed her that same night.

7. She’s not a fan of loops.

Want to collab with Loudy Luna? Per her Instagram bio, be ready to cut the check. She’s not accepting loops or samples since she makes all her beats from scratch.

We’re excited for everything that’s in store for Loudy and we know she’ll have an exciting 2021. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter so you don’t miss a beat.

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