Remembering Mac Miller on His Birthday.

Mac Miller

Remembering Mac Miller on His Birthday.


On his birthday we remember Mac Miller, who today would have been 29 years young.

As an artist and a person, his trajectory was incredible to watch. With each passing album, you heard him open up more and more. What started as care-free, stoner rap, smoothly transitioned between multiple acts and sounds.

From dark and psychedelic rap to neo-soul and funk, and even moments of jazz and blues, Mac was always pushing his sound and style forward in a way that could not be denied.

His music is not all we remember him for, however. His personality and presence were just as impactful. It was often so positive, even if only on the outside, but that’s what kept so many fans and artists alike engaged.

We remember Mac Miller for both his music, and his presence. It’s for those reasons that his posthumous album Circles hit so hard for so many. It was a hard album to listen to for some moments. And not because it was musically bad, but because it was still so emotionally potent.

And it’s also why watching his appearances, whether it be in interviews or his super personable Rhythm Roulette appearance, is still emotional. It genuinely felt like he still had so much more to say.

Happy Birthday to the late, great Mac Miller.

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