“Pass It To Me” Launch Showcases BounceGvngs Creative Process.

This first edition of “Pass It To Me” is a true window into, not only the Gvng’s creative process but also their chemistry.

Having to work remotely, the Gvng has adapted. Passing ideas back and forth they were still able to produce at a high level. This week’s edition of “Pass It To Me” blends each member’s style effortlessly.

Starting off with a chord progression from guitarist Sam Mandell, Agent M and Smart Boy Beatz then filled out the rhythm and added their drum and bass lines respectively. All that was needed was the top end.

Hayden THC added some awesome vocal chops, only for vocalist Trez Bell to come in and finish the track with a hook after a nasty drum fill.

The track came out super smooth with a hip-hop edge. They kept it all about the gvng though. A nod to the whole squad.

“Cause it’s Gvng Gvng. Over everythang”

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