MICHELLE Represents New York City with Their Diverse Roster and Sound. Slept On Sunday

MICHELLE Slept On Sunday

MICHELLE Represents New York City with Their Diverse Roster and Sound. Slept On Sunday


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MICHELLE started as a passion project between friends.

MICHELLE is a six-member band based throughout the boroughs of New York City. Back in 2018 when 2 of the members, Julian Kaufman and Charlie Kilgore, decided to put their energy towards something positive after bad breakups, they decided to make an album. They recruited the vocal talents of, Sofia D’Angelo, Layla Ku, Emma Lee, and Jamee Lockard; people they had known from school and the local New York music scene, and then gave themself a deadline of 2 weeks.

The result was their debut album “HEATWAVE”. A short but sweet album of dreamy and funky production underneath relatable lyrics and sweet vocal melodies/harmonies. This album feels like an ode to being young, specifically at times to being young in New York City.

The song “MANGO” captures a hot summer day in New York so creatively. When it’s so hot outside that only a “streetcar mango, dollar fifty” would hit the spot.

MICHELLE brings the same personality to their live shows as well. Not inexperienced, the band had played sold-out shows at classic New York venues like Baby’s All Right, and Webster Hall, and Sofar NYC. They also had a killer performance of their song “THE BOTTOM” at Atlantic Records Studio, which according to their genius page is “an ode to the east river“.

MICHELLE continues to be creative in 2020. Their song “SUNRISE” is feel-good music at its finest. It’s smooth and dreamy, but still so groovy.

“Beds too warm to leave. But I know like the sun I gotta rise eventually.”

All of the nods to New York City are enough for anyone who has ever visited or lived in NYC to appreciate MICHELLE. But it’s their music itself that extends so far outside of that. If you don’t know MICHELLE, then right now is the perfect time to go discover them.

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