MF DOOM Was The Illest Villain. Slept On Sunday

MF DOOM Illest Villain

MF DOOM Was The Illest Villain. Slept On Sunday


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MF DOOM is not the first name that comes to mind when someone asks “what artists are slept on?”. But given his passing this past October, he out of anybody deserves a celebration. He was the epitome of what it meant to stray from convention. His unusual approach to artistry and song creation often kept him outside of the Top-40 club but that was all by design. It was all about the music, and never the image.

This created a foundation for an extremely passionate fan base that appreciated hip-hop’s favorite villain. But was he truly slept on, or just more of an outsider? It was probably the latter, but this is DOOM we’re talking about. He played the part so well.

The villain persona was laced all throughout DOOM’s music. Lyrically, instrumentally, and even in the album and song titles. Better yet, in his alter-egos. All of his various names were villainous: King Geedorah, Viktor Vaughn The Vaudeville Villain, Metal Fingers. He was not short on evil-sounding alter-egos. But for those that appreciated from afar, MF DOOM was the most recognizable.

To say MF DOOM has been influential would be a gross understatement. He reminded us that it’s OK to exist on the outside, even if only for a moment. He was always a reminder to be weird. Thank you, DOOM, and Rest In Peace.

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