MF DOOM, Legendary MC, Dies at 49

MF Doom

MF DOOM, Legendary MC, Dies at 49


MF DOOM, formally known as Daniel Dumile passed away on October 31st, 2020 at the age of 49.

The last day of a tumultuous year brings more bad news for Hip-Hop and its fans. The legendary MC MF DOOM died at the age of 49 on October 31st, 2020. What is there to say that has not already been said a thousand times about the Vaudeville Villain?

His music is a masterclass in un-convention. Both in beats and rhymes. For the most part, listening to MF DOOM required your attention in ways most other rappers did not. This can be attributed to his approach to flow, rhymes, and lyrical content. The villainous role was a rather fitting one.

It’s hard to choose one DOOM project as quintessential. A lot of people may choose Madvillainy first. And for good reason. MF DOOM and Madlib? What else is there to say? Tracks like Americas Most Blunted, Accordion, Meat Grinder, All Caps, you could name the whole album, are prime representations of what listening to MF DOOM is like.

That’s not to say his other albums aren’t in their own way. MM FOOD is just as clever, if not more. A whole album centered around food references. Cmon, only from DOOM.

Beyond a rapper, he was a seasoned and versatile producer as well, keeping his famous super-hero/cartoon sample influences close by. Often times producing much of his own music under various alter egos. MM Food, for example, was in-large produced by Metal Fingers. He also had production credits for Joey Bada$$, and Ghostface Killah just to name a few.

DOOM had his fair share of alter egos and collaborative projects. Of course, we have to acknowledge the man before the mask, Zev Love X. But aside from MF DOOM he also went by King Geedorah, King Ghidra, Viktor Vaughn, Metal Fingers, DOOM, and Metal Face. Not to mention his collaborative projects with the likes of Danger Mouse, Sean Price, Czarface, and of course Madlib.

DOOM was your favorite MC’s favorite MC. The mask created an amazingly mysterious ethos around him that the music only amplified. Rarely is there a figure who is so willing to play the villain. And he took that role on with embrace and enthusiasm. We are forever grateful for his contribution to not only Hip-Hop music, but the culture as a whole.

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