Soundtrap Is The Perfect Educational Production Tool

One major obstacle for teaching music production is the cost of a DAW. Perhaps not for a single/private student, but for a whole class of say, 20-25 students, the cost begins to add up. And that’s just for one class. Allow me to introduce everyone to Soundtrap (you can visit their hompage here), an in-browser […]

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Blu DeTiger: 5 Reasons You Should Stop Sleeping on Her

At the moment, Blu DeTiger should be everyone’s favorite bassist. Though she is much more than just a bass player, its her 4 string that has played such an instrumental role (get it?) in developing her reputation. The New York City native has been playing the bass since 7 years old, but her past is […]

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Satellite Sessions by Mixed In Key Is The Perfect Virtual Collaboration Tool

The Problem This pandemic has created a problem for musicians, producers, and artists alike: virtual collaboration. Through apps like Zoom we’ve been able to operate in the same virtual space, but the process of collaboration has been inefficient. Having to constantly switch between who shares their screen/sound, and having to send files through other media […]

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Paul Cabbin Sees Recent Success with G-Eazy and Chris Brown

Maintaining Momentum California-born musician/producer Paul Cabbin fiercely closed out the 2010s with credits on some of hip-hop and R&Bs biggest names, and it’s looking like this decade will be no different. For example, In 2017 he had credits on Chris Brown’s “Heartbreak on a Full Moon”. Then in 2019 he helped produce 2 Chainz and […]

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Nubya Garcia is Carrying the Torch to Push Jazz Forward

Can You Be Successful AND Slept On? London-born jazz artist, composer and saxophonist Nubya Garcia presents an interesting debate. Can someone truly be slept on if they experience great success and recognition? I believe so, because they’re not always mutually exclusive. In all regards, Nubya Garcia has experienced incredible success these past few years. She’s […]

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