Marketing Monday: How Sam Cooke Became Independent

Ownership is Everything In 1963 Sam Cooke negotiated a new record deal. As a result he owned his own record label, music publishing company and management firm. After that the major label he had been working with became his distributor, a revolution at the time. We can all learn a lot from the story of […]

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Marketing Monday: Nipsey Hussle The Hustler

Many rappers will claim to be hustlers, but Nipsey Hussle was much more than just a rapper: he was a true entrepreneur and a visionary who changed the way we think about music marketing. How Much For A Mixtape?! Mixtapes have traditionally been seen as an unofficial project to keep fans attention before or between […]

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Sat-Her-Day: Long Live Mary Wilson

Happy Sat-Her-Day ladies and gentlemen! Today I would like to celebrate the life of Mary Wilson, a co-founder of The Supremes who had a vibrant personality and many talents. If you don’t know much about Wilson, I suggest you get to know her by watching her interviews, where she was never shy about speaking her […]

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Marketing Monday Black History: No Limit Master P

Master P is a living legend. You cannot tell the story of hip-hop without mentioning No Limit Records. During a time where many artists were heavily dependent on major labels, Master P took control of his own destiny. Almost 25 years after Master P signed his historic contract with Priority Records, we celebrate him as […]

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Marketing Monday: What’s Your Budget?

In the wise words of Jay-Z, “I’m not a businessman; I’m a business, man!” Whether you’re an artist or a producer, I can’t stress enough that you are a business. All businesses have expenses and all must create a budget to effectively use their resources to grow. You, my friend, are no different. Where to […]

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