The Best Music Making Apps for Indie Artists

These are the must-have apps that independent artists, songwriters, and producers should download now. 1. Melody App  The Melody app is a music production app made for producers by producers. It essentially allows for you to easily find, save, use, and share quality melodies. Here’s a quick clip on how it works: One of the […]

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Long Live DMX, King of My City

Today, we remember DMX, the undisputed king of hardcore rap and so much more. It’s been hard to find the words to adequately describe how difficult it’s been losing DMX. I play the hook of “Party Up” in my head at least once day. The Ruff Ryders hold so much more meaning when you’re from […]

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Make Money Right Now Doing What You Already Do

Video chat? Make music? Shop online? These are the platforms you need to make money doing all the above—right now.

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Ebonie Smith Engineers and Empowers

Ebonie Smith is leveraging her experience and network as an award-winning audio engineer to empower women, girls, and non-binary folks everywhere. Here are five things to know about her. 1. Ebonie is an engineer at Atlantic Records. During her time at Atlantic, Ebonie has recorded and mixed records for some of your favorite artists including […]

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Sonny Digital: Happy Birthday to a Pioneer

We all know and appreciate Sonny Digital as one of the most prolific producers in hip-hop. On his 30th birthday, we highlight some of his achievements within and beyond that. Digital History Grammy-nominated super producer Sonny Digital started making major waves about a decade ago when he produced YC‘s hit single “Racks” featuring Future, which […]

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