Marketing Monday: Spotify Playlist Obsession

Marketing Monday: Spotify Playlist Obsession Bounce Gvng

Marketing Monday: Spotify Playlist Obsession


Are you sitting at home googling “How to get on a Spotify playlist”? It’s okay if you are. I’ve been down this road quite often. Spotify is the world’s biggest music streaming platform by the number of subscribers, so I completely understand why the allure of being the Spotify playlist Queen or King might matter to you. 

As an independent artist, making Spotify playlists your number one focus is to your detriment. Knowing the basics of multi-channel marketing will set you free from the playlist box you stayed in last year.

What is multi-channel marketing?

Multi-channel marketing is a marketing strategy based on the idea that customers are more likely to buy when they can use their favorite channel. 

Multi-channel marketing is about choice. Your fans can pick the channel they want to use. Channels such as social media, SEO, video content, press releases and your website are very important. Always remember you have to meet people where they are. When you focus on multiple channels you increase your awareness exponentially. 

For instance according to KASASA “When done the right way, a multi-channel marketing campaign can help community banks and credit unions attract greater consumer attention and is significantly more effective than a single-channel campaign, to the tune of 250% better.”

Whether you are a producer or an artist, you are a business. If a community bank or credit union has to commit to a multi-channel marketing strategy, what makes you different? Your music lives in more spaces than Spotify. Take advantage of all the consumers who are looking for your style on other platforms. 

I ask you to increase your efforts to gain more subscribers for your mailing list. Create a google ads account to get your music in front of your audience. According to Wordstream advertising on YouTube can increase regular Google searches for your brand name by 420%! 

Do you see the power of multi-channel marketing?

Never cut yourself short. The internet is a big place. You can learn all you need about how to take your career to the next level with a google search. Even if you choose to hire a marketing agency, you need to understand how they are working for you. 2021 is the year you shift your focus off of Spotify and add more channels.

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