LawlessProd “Drums In My Head” blends genres effortlessly.

LawlessProd Drums In My Head

LawlessProd “Drums In My Head” blends genres effortlessly.


LawlessProd released his single “Drums In My Head” on November 20th.

Drums In My Head, in a word, BANGS. LawlessProd creates a wonderfully brutal mixture of hip hop, drum-and-bass, and glitch-hop music. It has a swing that will practically force you to start rocking your head to it.

Scrunch face is imminent.

The bass rumbles through your speakers, and the drums hit super hard. LawlessProd does a great job of creating an ominous feeling with his buildups, only for it to resolve in a big way on the drop. One of the best parts is when the track’s namesake “Drums In My Head” plays, only for it to drop right back into the beat.

Drums In My Head is a short but engaging 2 minutes. The length of the track only adds to its replay-ability though. As soon as it’s over you’ll want to go back and listen to it over and over again.

If you’re a fan of hip-hop, drum-and-bass, and/or glitch-hop, or just hard-hitting music in general, then this song is surely for you.

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You can listen to “Drums In My Head” on all streaming platforms now.

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