KIRBY Remains Raw in 2020. Shining in Live Settings Like COLORS and NPR. Slept On Sunday

KIRBY Slept On Sunday

KIRBY Remains Raw in 2020. Shining in Live Settings Like COLORS and NPR. Slept On Sunday


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KIRBY is a Memphis born, and Mississippi raised singer-songwriter. According to her, however, a Song Therapist would be a more appropriate title. The self-proclaimed “Granddaughter of Soul” says ” I sing and I write to help people heal. One note at a time.” as it reads on her Spotify bio.

And healing is exactly what she does. Everything about her music supports this. From her instrumentation, to her lyrics, and to her vocal performance. Instrumentally KIRBY, as her name suggests, has a lot of soul in it. But there are also influences of R&B, blues and funk throughout her discography.

Her most recent project “Sis.” puts all of these influences on display. The opening song “Leon” puts her vocal ability on full display right off the bat.

KIRBY has the amazing ability to transition to and from her falsetto on a whim. On “Velvet” she does this throughout the song and it has a way of not only grabbing you but holding you there too. It is, exactly as she says, therapeutic. There is something very cathartic and relieving about listening to her melodies and her vocal tone.

The amazing thing, however, is that her live performances don’t lack any of these qualities. Her tone is the same, as is her vocal presence. She has an amazing performance of her song “Superpower” on the youtube live series COLORS that dropped very recently on November 30th. And back in June of this year, she had another amazing performance on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series with just her and her guitarist.

KIRBY might not have a lot yet, but she has some amazing music to go discover. If you don’t know about her, discovering her is quite the experience.

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