Killer Mike Denounces US Capitol Riots: “It is evil. It is ‘I didn’t get my way-ism'”

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Killer Mike Denounces US Capitol Riots: “It is evil. It is ‘I didn’t get my way-ism'”

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“I hope that all Americans plot, plan, strategize, organize, and mobilize for a union post this.”

Run The Jewels rapper, activist, and actor Killer Mike appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers on January 6. During his appearance, he spoke about the horrific attacks the US Capitol came under and condemned the riots.

“Although I encourage protest for any American, I don’t encourage what we saw,” Mike said. “And, essentially, it is violence. It is evil. It is I-didn’t-get-my-way-ism. It is the refusal to accept that this republic is run by the power of the vote and people have voted the president out and the President-elect in and we need to accept that.”

Mike explained how he woke up on a high knowing Georgia officials did a heck of a job maintaining integrity in regards to election results. Then, a call from his 13-year old daughter notified him of the events taking place at the Capitol. It led him to a longer conversation with her and used it as an opportunity to teach her about civics and that the progress that has occurred is more important than that ugly moment.

Distinctions were drawn between the police presence during Black Lives Matter protests and the current events at the US Capitol.

“We know that justice is lopsided. We know. There has been this example and dozens more, and I would argue hundreds more. The question from me becomes at what point do we have to keep using these stark examples versus doing something about it? At one point do we encourage the demilitarization of police, period?”

He continued, “Today what happened was B.S. versus what happened over the summer, and at some point as a republic, we’re gonna have to cooperate and collaborate…until we want for others what we want for ourselves, we will repeat the cycle over and over again.”

Fellow Atlanta native T.I. also weighed in via Instagram shortly after the Capitol riots. Watch his clip below.

Regardless of the tragic scenes, Congress has assembled once more to certify Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ victory in the U.S. election.

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