My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Turns 10 Years Old Today.

Today we look back at 10 years of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

This album is iconic, to say the least. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was Kanye’s follow up to his most polarizing album to that point, 808s & Heartbreak. This album would be a reminder for those who had already dismissed him, fans and critics alike.

Off the bat, this album is full of bangers that we still remember and love a whole decade later. Singles like “POWER“, “All Of The Lights” “Monster” and “Runaway” are still hard-hitting and emotional.

While the deeper cuts like “Gorgeous” and “Devil In A New Dress” help give the album the character it still has.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is filled with legendary production guests as well. Mike Dean and No I.D. make multiple appearances. S1 and Bink contribute to some of the albums biggest moments as well.

The featured artist roster is just as legendary too. “Monster” alone is stacked, with Rick Ross, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, and Bon Iver on the track. But “So Appalled” and “Gorgeous” add to the album’s killer feature list as well.

Kanye has released 7 albums under his name since. And yet, collectively it feels we always come back to this one as reference. This album was not only a power statement, but it would also set up much of the music Kanye would come to release in the future.

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