Jazmine Sullivan Talks ‘Heaux Tales,’ Censorship and Storytelling

Grammy nominee Jazmine Sullivan recently released her Heaux Tales EP. The 32 minute, 14-track EP tells a story of sex, and power, but also pain. Exceptional storytelling and passionate vocals are nothing new to this Philadelphia songstress. However, this project was an emotional experience some might find different than the rest.

She recently performed Heaux Tales with NPR for a “Tiny Desk (Home) Concert.” She joins the publication again for an in-depth interview with Michel Martin. It’s all about relationships, empowerment, and delivering honesty in her music.

She is telling the “untold stories of women.” In a society that pushes respectability politics and false images of perfection, she explains that women aren’t a monolith. They are “layered and multidimensional” and, therefore, they have stories to tell.

Stream below and check out the full interview here.

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