New York based artist, inc mo, drops his first release of the year with “Curse”.

The funky bop was born from a toxic relationship. As inc mo puts it, “Curse is about a past relationship of mine. She was extremely toxic, but I stayed with her out of loneliness. I felt like I was constantly walking on thin ice. I’m glad this relationship happened because I became a better person afterwards and I made a fire song out of it.”

“Curse” was co-produced by inc mo’s frequent collaborator Sam Mandell, but there was something different about this record in particular.

Mandell notes, “This was the first time I got to really produce a song of ours, while he was recording his vocals too. Everything from his delivery to the structure. And I feel like you can hear all of that in the song, so much more than any of our previous songs.”

He announced the tune with a playful video of him singing along to the lyrics on instagram.

Check the song out on your favorite streaming platform.

Check out other releases here.

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