Happy Birthday Aaliyah, Today She Would’ve Been 42

Happy Birthday, Aaliyah. Today she would have been 42 years old and I can only imagine what her life would be like today. Also this week in 2002 her posthumous hit “More Than a Woman” topped the UK charts and it was her first song in the UK to do so. The song

Aaliyah’s “More Than a Woman” topped “Addicted to Bass” by Puretone to gain the No. 1 spot.” MRT.com reported on January 14, 2002. The song went on to be nominated for a grammy in ’03. To this date, the track has gone on to be used as a sample by the likes of Kehlani and Drake.

20 years after Aaliyah’s death we still witness her influence on the culture. Over the years we have witnessed stars like Rihanna, Beyonce & Gigi Hadid echo the Detroit legend’s style. To be honest, Aaliyah’s drip has been normalized. In celebration of her life and my love of Aaliyah’s pictures, I posted a few below.

Aaliyah performs “If Your Girl Only Knew” on Showtime at the Apollo
Aaliyah performs “Try Again” and gives a brief interview on the Tonight Show.
Aaliyah Summer Jam 1997

Happy Birthday Aaliyah. Rest In Peace Queen.

Check out more news here.

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