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Publishing Administration Simplified

Publishing is an important piece of the pie when it comes to getting paid from your music. You want to maximize your earnings, right? Then why miss out on key performance, digital performance, sync, and mechanical royalties that you might be missing? We collect from over 150+ countries and territories all around the globe to make sure that no matter where your music is getting played, you’re getting paid from it. We believe that knowledge is power, that is why we are dedicated to explaining and showing you how all this works. It’s your money, you should understand how it’s being made.

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Start Collecting Your Royalties Today

Get Paid. Stay Independent.

Maintain ownership of your publishing. Get paid what you deserve. It’s that simple.

Global Registration

Got a song getting plays in Barcelona? Streaming in Japan? We make it easy for you to register your song and collect your money.

Comprehensive Analytics

Get detailed and transparent analytics from your own dashboard. What we get from collection societies is exactly what you see.​


We get it, publishing can seem complicated. That’s why we have regular webinars and training to fit your schedule to show you how this all works.

24/7 Support

Reach an agent, leave a message or access our extensive support documents anytime to get the help you need.

Maximize Creativity

Spend more of your time and energy making the best music possible.

Get More From Your Music

    About US

Why We Started

This industry counts on you not knowing or understanding how things work. They take advantage of your ignorance and sign you to trash deals where they take your ownership. It’s a predatory practice.

So we came together and decided that we had had enough. That’s why we decided to break down those walls, go straight to the sources, and eliminate the middle-men and gatekeepers as much as possible.

As fellow creators, we believe that you should be given the opportunity to take control of your rights, your money, and your future.

Join the Gvng!

Learn the Ropes

We get it, publishing can seem complicated. We think it shouldn’t have to be. We offer webinars where we provide interactive experiences with knowledgeable industry professionals. We also have a knowledge base with dedicated articles on publishing concepts and education, as well as current news and events happening in the publishing world today. So come hang with us, we’ll show you how all this publishing stuff works and break it down so you can be knowledgeable and empowered.

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Publishing administration set-up fee

Fifty Dollars. one time.

Sliding Scale Admin %

Unlike other pub admin services, we actually want to help you become successful. That’s why we decided to switch up the traditional pub admin model and create a sliding scale.

1 %
Year 1
1 %
Year 2
1 %
Year 3+