Publishing Administration Services

Take Your Publishing into Your Own Hands. The music you’ve made is making money. Be in control of the return on your investment.


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Educate and Empower

Publishing Administration Simplified

Publishing is an important piece of the pie when it comes to getting paid for your music. You put in both sweat and financial investment so you should want to maximize your earnings, right? Why miss out on key performance, digital performance, sync, and mechanical royalties that you might be missing? We collect from over 150+ countries and territories all around the globe to make sure that no matter where your music is getting played, you’re getting paid.

It's Simple.

How Simple?

Watch Your Money

When your music makes money the key is knowing where and how to get it. With over one billion dollars of unclaimed royalties out there, Gvng Pub Admin will make sure that you don’t leave any money on the table. You can see everything we see on your own customized dashboard. 

gvng music publishing dashboard


Get Paid. Stay Independent.

Maintain ownership of your publishing. Get paid what you deserve. It’s that simple.


Global Registration

Got a song getting plays in Barcelona? Streaming in Japan? We make it easy for you to register your song and collect your money.


Comprehensive Analytics

Get detailed and transparent analytics from your own dashboard. What we get from collection societies is exactly what you see.​



We get it, publishing can seem complicated. That’s why we have regular webinars and training to fit your schedule to show you how this all works.


24/7 Support

Reach an agent, leave a message or access our extensive support documents anytime to get the help you need.


Maximize Creativity

Spend more of your time and energy making the best music possible.


Publishing administration set-up fee

Fifty Dollars. One time.

Sliding Scale Admin %

Unlike other pub admin services, we actually want to help you become successful. That’s why we decided to switch up the traditional pub admin model and create a sliding scale.

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