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Turn Up The Volume

If Your Music Drops and Nobody is There to Hear It, Does It Make a Sound?​​

Nearly 40,000 tracks are being added to Spotify alone daily. The digital music space is crowded. Many music makers have a genuinely solid product, but saturation prevents their discovery. Our solution is simple: We amplify your music so that when it drops, it gets heard.

It's Simple.

How Simple?

Boost Your Business With Our All-Inclusive SEO Marketing & Proprietary SEO Technology!

Your marketing campaign is enhanced with our proprietary CORE Brain AI technology. There’s nothing else like it out there! We also use the best marketing systems recognized in our industry.


Online ads allow you to reach the world

but we know how to make sure you’re only targeting the right people. Blindly broadcasting your ads everywhere wastes time and money.


Spotify, Pandora, or any other music ad platform “defaults” are not in your favor

As qualified professionals, we know our way around the system. We understand match options, keywords, site exclusions, the different networks, and more.

We've been working with Paid-Advertising and Search Engine Marketing since its inception

Our team has decades of experience under our belts. We’ve spent years studying online buying behaviors, marketing, consumer psychology, and paid-ad advanced strategies so you don’t have to. Let us handle your ads. 

Almost all Ad Accounts that we review or take over

are under-optimized and burning away your limited budget without you even realizing it! We’ll plug the gaps, eliminate waste, and produce the results


You'll always retain full access to your Ad Account throughout your campaign

You’ll be able to monitor your results in real-time in addition to our monthly logs. Your peace of mind is important to us.


Your time is valuable.

Tell us what you want and how much to spend, and we’ll get it done. You run your business – we’ll send you customers and sales. 


Music Creator Promotion Packages

Comprehensive digital marketing packages that amplify your brand and build and engage your fanbase

PPC Ad Management

Strategic and targeted advertising management to help you expand your audience and increase sales

The Full Breakdown

No artificial marketing. No Added gimmicks

Our packages are based on fixed rates. We only invoice for campaign management, which is the cost to manage and optimize your campaign on a monthly basis.

We manage your ad campaign and approved ad budget in order to maximize clicks and minimize your spending. The ad budget is your approved budget that is paid directly to the ad platform, like Google or Facebook.

Once we begin, we can help you get your ad account setup via our 24/7 managed dashboard. We have over a decade of experience in PPC (Pay Per Click) Management on various channels: Google AdWords, Spotify, Pandora, Facebook Ads, Yahoo PPC Management, Bing PPC Advertising, eBay Ad Commerce, Amazon Ads, Twitter Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.
Our services involve no long-term commitments and have proven to be profitable for our clients.

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