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distribute your tunes to all the goons

We get your music in ALL of the stores around the world (even in Antarctica! We see you Bouvet Island) with expediency (1-3 days on most platforms!). That includes Facebook/Instagram Rights Management, Shazam/Siri, and Tiktok at no additional cost. Our platform allows you to release an album 2 weeks ahead of your scheduled release date on Spotify Premium. All this at a low, sensible cost to you. Retain ALL your rights, pay your collaborators, share your lyrics, and more! Oh and did we mention that you keep all of your sales revenue? 100%.

gvngaroo distribution

Features & benefits


Flexible pricing options

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Whether you want to pay monthly or yearly, for a solo artist or for an entire label, you choose how you want to pay to distribute your music. You collect all of your sales no matter which plan you choose.
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Transparent Reporting & Analytics

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The streaming numbers, sales figures, and other analytics you typically get from other distributors are often missing key information. We deliver all of the raw data we get directly from Apple, Spotify, etc. to you.
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This ain't business. its personal.

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At Gvngaroo, you're not just a customer or a transaction. You're a music creator like us and we treat you like one of the Gang! You can expect real interactions with real people. Our goal is to help you succeed.
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take it from us, you deserve more

why we started our own distro

We are all musicians here at Gvngaroo, and collectively we have tried all of the major distribution platforms. From the extra fees and poor customer service, to the incomplete analytics and lack of split payments, we had no choice but to search for a better solution.

We couldn’t find the one for us, so we built one for all of us.

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distribute music. worldwide. all stores. 100% of your sales*.

10 bucks a year. unlimited.

*taxes applicable in some countries.

collab & collect easily with split pay

Credit is important. Without credit, you don’t get paid. Sometimes businesses can get in the way of creativity. With Jammber Splits you can capture your splits on the spot as easily as sending a text. Assign royalty splits to your collaborators and automatically payout with Jammber Split Pay. Coming Soon!!!

if you miss a payment or decide to go elsewhere, your music is safe with us.

$1 legacy fee per song.

*taxes applicable in some countries.

make money while you sleep

publishing admin services

Are you getting paid all the royalties you’re owed? Check out our pub admin services to make sure you’re maximizing your earnings from the music you’re making.