Double AA Amplifies the Quarantine Experience this Halloween Season with Quentin Quarantino

Double AA Quentin Quarantino

Double AA Amplifies the Quarantine Experience this Halloween Season with Quentin Quarantino


Quentin Quarantino is here!

BounceGvng veteran Double AA, formally Aaron Wright, released his anticipated tape “Quentin Quarantino” on November 6th.

Featuring co-production from LawlessProd, DatBoyGrand, Egomi, Jah Noiz, and Antman Wonder, the goal was to create a full artistic picture. From the project title to the track titles, to the spooky artwork, and to the music itself, it all relates back to the original theme. “What you see is what you hear” he says.

From the word “Go” Double AA creates a dark and scary world it seems most can relate to as of late. The title “Quentin Quarantino” is rooted in the reality of the quarantine many of us have been experiencing throughout this year.

Feelings of uncertainty and isolation are present throughout the project. These feelings are only extended upon by the artwork. Portraying himself as the sheriff of the dark woods. Strapped with a spiked baseball bat, and a badge, he stands in front of a dark background of woods and fog. 

The tracks themselves continue on this theme. Tracks like “Slingshots and Pocket Rocks” featuring LawlessProd, and “Lysol for Zombies” featuring Antman Wonder include dark and tense instrumentation that perfectly set the scene. Most importantly, relating back to the original theme. 

When asked about this Double AA expressed that this project was unique in the context of his discography for that very reason. He says “There’s no guessing on trying to make the connection. It all makes sense while you’re listening to it.”

He shared that he had to be more disciplined as a producer. Disciplined enough to not just throw something in there “because it’s a bop.” And the discipline most definitely shows.

You can listen to Quentin Quarantino on all streaming platforms now!

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