Slept On Sunday: clipping.

Slept On Sunday: clipping.

Slept On Sunday: clipping.


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It’s Sunday and clipping. is slept on.

More often than not, when a musical act relies heavily upon a theme, it begins to turn into more of a novelty than anything else. In regards to clipping., however, this does not apply. You’d most likely categorize The Los Angeles based Hip-Hop group, consisting of rapper Daveed Diggs and producers William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes, as Alternative/Experimental Hip-Hop. Their last two albums, though, you could more aptly describe as Horrorcore.

2019’s “There Existed an Addiction to Blood” and 2020’s “Visions of Bodies Being Burned” are two parts of the same story, intentionally divided into 2 albums. Originally, they planned to release “Visions of Bodies Being Burned” only months after its predecessor. But due to the global pandemic and canceled tours they had to push the release back to the 2020 Halloween season… so fitting.

Though thematic, clipping. is anything but corny, they’re intense. Listening to these albums can be a physical experience. They evoke feelings of tension, danger, confusion, and fear. 

The production is noisy, often confusing and loud, while still being heavy, rhythmic and rooted in Hip-Hop. The song “‘96 Neve Cambell” featuring Cam & China has an awesome bounce to it reminiscent of The Neptunes. 

Daveed Diggs perfectly creates an immersive scene in which you feel so uneasy. In the song “Nothing is Safe” he describes the summoning of evil, intensely reminding you that it does not care about your fear, but that “it is here to make you understand that nothing is safe.”  

“Check the Lock” so vividly paints a picture of fear and paranoia that you begin to look over your own shoulder. “Something in this room didn’t used to be,” he says on the hook. “Check the lock every time he walk by the door.” 

If you’ve been sleeping on clipping. now’s your chance to wake up.

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