Ebonie Smith Engineers and Empowers

Ebonie Smith Engineers and Empowers

Ebonie Smith is leveraging her experience and network as an award-winning audio engineer to empower women, girls, and non-binary folks everywhere. Here are five things to know about her. 1. Ebonie is an engineer at Atlantic Records. During her time at Atlantic, Ebonie has recorded and mixed records for some of your favorite artists including […]

Rihanna Reigns: Happy Birthday to a Queen

Rihanna Reigns: Happy Birthday to a Queen

Rihanna dominates in every arena. So what do you give the woman who has everything? Today, February 20, 2021, is Robyn Rihanna Fenty’s 33rd birthday. Imagine being tasked with getting her a gift. I mean, what does she need that she couldn’t possibly obtain herself or that she doesn’t have already? I was stumped on […]

Wondagurl: 5 Must-Know Facts About the Super Producer

Sat-her-day: Wondagurl

You might know WondaGurl as the producer behind the hits of Travis Scott, Drake, Quavo, and Pop Smoke. Here are 5 facts about the Grammy-nominated talent you might not know. 1. WondaGurl is Nigerian. WondaGurl, born Ebony Naomi Oshunrinde in Ontario, Canada, is of Nigerian descent. 2. Her first producer credit was with Jay-Z. She […]

Sat-Her-Day: Long Live Mary Wilson

Sat-her-day : Long Live Mary Wilson

Happy Sat-Her-Day ladies and gentlemen! Today I would like to celebrate the life of Mary Wilson, a co-founder of The Supremes who had a vibrant personality and many talents. If you don’t know much about Wilson, I suggest you get to know her by watching her interviews, where she was never shy about speaking her […]

Sat-Her-Day: Beyoncé Loves NOVA WAV and You Should Too

Beyoncé loves NOVA WAV & you should too

5 Reasons to Get Hip to the Songwriting and Production Super Duo that Ariana Grande, DJ Khaled, and The Carters Can’t Get Enough of 1. Their first major label placement was with Rihanna. In 2012, Denisia “Blu June” Andrews and Brittany “Chi” Coney helped pen “Loveeeeeee Song,” featuring Future, for Rihanna’s seventh studio album Unapologetic. […]

Sat-Her-Day: Amber Ryann, The Best Coast Secret

On a hot August day (August 24, 2020 to be exact) I was scrolling through twitter and came across a video. This video featured Amber Ryann who I call the best coast secret. “Williams Sonoma” was blasting through my phone while she dawned a black suit, tan turtle neck, holding balloons, and an electric guitar. […]

Sat-Her-Day: 7 Things to Know About Pluto x Baby Pluto’s Loudy Luna

Sat-Her-Day: Loudy Luna

Working with the Likes of Future and Lil Uzi, Loudy Luna is Showing No Signs of Slowing Here are some facts to help you get familiar with Loudy Luna, one of the hottest young producers in the game. 1. She’s from Dayton, Ohio. She’s one of the latest talents to hail from the Buckeye state. […]