7 Songs You Didn’t Know Were Written By Black Artists

Art has no race, no color, and it cannot be contained. Nevertheless, many seem to associate certain races with certain genres. For example, when some people think of Country artists they may assume they are white. Furthermore, when some people think of Hip Hop or R&B, many will associate that genre with Black artists. However, […]

Rihanna Reigns: Happy Birthday to a Queen

Rihanna Reigns: Happy Birthday to a Queen

Rihanna dominates in every arena. So what do you give the woman who has everything? Today, February 20, 2021, is Robyn Rihanna Fenty’s 33rd birthday. Imagine being tasked with getting her a gift. I mean, what does she need that she couldn’t possibly obtain herself or that she doesn’t have already? I was stumped on […]

3 Black Men Created House Music

Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, & Ron Hardy created House Music

3 black gay men created house music. Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, and Ron Hardy pioneered the house music genre in Chicago and New York City. They laid the foundations for modern DJing, sampling, remixes, and EDM/Dance music. History shows us that when people of color have created anything, even outside of music, the credit seems […]

Marketing Monday Black History: No Limit Master P

master p no limit

Master P is a living legend. You cannot tell the story of hip-hop without mentioning No Limit Records. During a time where many artists were heavily dependent on major labels, Master P took control of his own destiny. Almost 25 years after Master P signed his historic contract with Priority Records, we celebrate him as […]

Happy Birthday, J Dilla. Here are 10 Songs of His We’re Bumping Today.

Happy Birthday J Dilla

Today we celebrate the birthday of J Dilla. Born James Dewitt Yancey, the prolific Detroit musician left behind one of the richest legacies in hip-hop/R&B to date. Whether it’s his production for Slum Village, De La Soul, Common, or Erykah Badu there is an abundance of tracks to look back on and love. Musicians and […]

Albums We’re Looking Forward to in 2021

A new year means new albums. Given the impact 2020 had on the music industry, it’s an exciting time, because a lot of the albums we’ve been looking forward to could drop this year. Rihanna Rihanna’s long-awaited album R9 has been in the works for so long that it’s now infamous. The singer loves to […]

Marketing Monday: What’s Your Budget?

In the wise words of Jay-Z, “I’m not a businessman; I’m a business, man!” Whether you’re an artist or a producer, I can’t stress enough that you are a business. All businesses have expenses and all must create a budget to effectively use their resources to grow. You, my friend, are no different. Where to […]

Pioneering Artist/Producer SOPHIE Tragically Dies at 34

Remembering Sophie

Today we celebrate the life and career of SOPHIE. At the young age of 34, the Glasgow-born icon passed away in a tragic accident in Athens, Greece. Her publicist confirmed the news in a statement today. Upon announcement, fans and peers have been reacting to the unexpected news. SOPHIE’s legacy reaches far beyond her musical […]

Sat-Her-Day: Amber Ryann, The Best Coast Secret

On a hot August day (August 24, 2020 to be exact) I was scrolling through twitter and came across a video. This video featured Amber Ryann who I call the best coast secret. “Williams Sonoma” was blasting through my phone while she dawned a black suit, tan turtle neck, holding balloons, and an electric guitar. […]