Blu DeTiger: 5 Reasons You Should Stop Sleeping on Her

Blu DeTiger Slept On Sunday

Blu DeTiger: 5 Reasons You Should Stop Sleeping on Her


At the moment, Blu DeTiger should be everyone’s favorite bassist. Though she is much more than just a bass player, its her 4 string that has played such an instrumental role (get it?) in developing her reputation. The New York City native has been playing the bass since 7 years old, but her past is also filled with stories of being a DJ, producer and a singer/songwriter. If you’re not aware of who she is, here are 5 reasons you should be:

1. She Is The Queen Of Groove

Without knowing her story, or her social media presence, the most immediately defining factor you’ll notice is her groove. As a bass player groove is everything right? For Blu DeTiger this is where she exceeds all standards. And this extends to all aspects of her production. It’s all so groovy and so funky. Her playing has such an amazing and contagious feel to it, that you can’t help but smile and dance. Take, for example, her song “Vintage” off her most recent project.

How could you not move to this?

2. Blu DeTiger is a Tik Tok Superstar

Chances are you may have seen her around on TikTok or Instagram before, where she’s killing it with her content. She’s regularly posting videos of her jamming on her bass or guitar, sometimes to already popular songs like “Savage“, “Run The World (Girls)“, and “What They Want” or to songs of her own creation. Of course, all of them are as groovy as the last. Here’s a video of her jamming over Say So by Doja Cat.


i posted my first vid a year ago and it’s so crazy to see what’s happened since then because of u guys ! I love you thank you for supporting me

♬ original sound – Blu DeTiger

3. She’s A Seasoned Performer

According to an interview with Interview Magazine, she’s been playing bass since the age of 7. Quickly after she began performing and even had the opportunity to perform at the historic CBGB bar in NYC. At age 17 she began DJ’ing and hasn’t stopped since. She’s been known to pull her bass out mid-set as well, and it’s guaranteed to be a good time.

4. Blu DeTiger Now Holds The Torch For The Next Generation Of Bass Players

Watching her career you get the feeling that she holds the torch for the next generation of bass players. She’s been recognized by some very impressive people such as Questlove, Janet Jackson, Timbaland, and one of the most iconic bass players of all time, Flea. Earlier this year she was inducted into Fenders’ “Fender Next” class of 2021, and Rolling Stone gave her the opportunity to host a beginners class on their website titled: “Bass 101: Blu DeTiger”.

If there is anyone that is so passionately making the bass exciting right now, it’s her without a doubt.

5. She Just Released Her Debut EP

Right now is the perfect time to learn who Blu DeTiger is and what she’s all about. Yes she’s blowing up on TikTok, but she also released her debut EP “How Did We Get Here?” earlier this year. And more importantly, it surely does not disappoint. It’s every bit as funky and catchy as you would expect from her. Plus, it’s only 18 minutes long. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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