BIA Was Best On Earth With Russ. But Shes Not Done Yet. Slept On Sunday

BIA Slept On Sunday

BIA Was Best On Earth With Russ. But Shes Not Done Yet. Slept On Sunday


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BIA, has been making major moves lately. Back in late 2019 the Boston-based rapper/artist teamed up with Russ to record the hook on one of the most popular singles of the year, “Best On Earth”. Beyond that though, she is no slouch.

Both collaboratively and on her own BIA has a knack for writing hits. Catchy flows and melodies instantly grab you and keep you running back for more. There was no bigger stage for this to be put under a spotlight than Russ’s hit single “Best On Earth”. BIA helped secure this song as a hit with her contribution to the hook.

This song did huge numbers, over 120 million on Spotify alone. And it even got a huge endorsement from Rihanna.

Her story does not end here however. This year she also released a song featuring Lil Durk titled “SAME HANDS” which showcases the same knack for catchy songwriting mentioned above. The lead melody will have you singing it back for the next couple of days.

She’s also landed both a Kodak Black feature and a Kali Uchis feature on her 2018 project “NICE GIRLS FINISH LAST: CUIDADO”.

A personal favorite though is her song “SKATE”. Produced by CB Mix, it’s a straight to the point banger. Hard hitting 808s and a bouncy beat give BIA the perfect background for her to do her thing. Once again you’ll be singing this melody back for the rest of the week. Rewinding it over and over again.

For those that don’t know about BIA, you’re in a great position to learn. She has just enough music from recent years to go discover. And best of all she has a bright future ahead of her so you can continue to follow along.

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