9 New Songs to Start Your Weekend from Billie Marten, Tierra Whack, OSTON & More

Listen to new music from Billie Marten, Tierra Whack, OSTON & more with Bounce Gvng.

9 New Songs to Start Your Weekend from Billie Marten, Tierra Whack, OSTON & More


This is your weekly delivery of new tunes from around the world. From up-and-coming indie talent to well-known major acts, you’ll be kept up to date on quality tracks that you should be listening to to start your weekend off right.

Billie Marten – Creature of Mine

From audio to video, Bristish singer/songwriter Billie Marten is dreamy on “Creature of Mine.” The track is the latest to be shared from Marten’s upcoming third album ‘Flora Fauna’, which is set for release on May 21, 2021.

Billie states, “It’s an end of the world, post-apocalyptic scenario – you get to choose one thing, one person to leave it with. It’s a love song to a stranger and a polite request to momentarily leave Earth when it’s all too much.”

Don’t miss the Joe Wheatley-directed music video.

Rostam – Changephobia

Rostam drops the the title track from his 2nd solo album, Changephobia. The album is due on June 4, 2021 via his own label, Matsor Projects.

He states, “Changephobia” was one of the last songs I finished writing for this album. The chorus came to me sitting at the piano in my living room; I spent weeks picking up and putting down ideas for the verses. One day I sat down with an acoustic guitar, feeling close to giving up on the song altogether: all of a sudden a new melody, a new feeling, and new words came out of me and I felt like I could be honest with myself about what I wanted to say. The song “Changephobia” is partly about something we can all be guilty of, avoiding our own feelings. I think of it as a reminder not to.

Most of us our guilty of avoiding our feelings and having a fear of change. It’s a calm, laidback listen that I think you’ll enjoy and many will be able to relate to.

Texas – Mr Haze

Scottish band, Texas, make a return with new single, “Mr Haze.” Described as a “soul-soaked Motown belter driven by a Donna Summer sample,” the song is one of 14 tracks that will be on the Sharleen Spiteri-fronted band’s 10th LP.

Tierra Whack – Link

Philadelphia’s Tierra Whack drops the J Melodic-produced “Link.” Her music videos are always worth a watch. She excels when adding a visual component to her songs. The LEFO partnership doesn’t hurt. Check out the Cat Solen direction.

Tierra sat down with a group of schoolchildren as part of LEGO’s “Rebuild the World” campaign, using their ideas as a launchpad for the video.

Give “Link” some spins and add Tierra Whack to your playlist this weekend.

Anderson East – Madelyn

Anderson East shares a soulful tune on “Madelyn.” The single is the first release from East’s upcoming album, Maybe We Never Die due on August 20, 2021.

“I wanted to create something unique with this record. A piece of music, that as a whole, knew where its footing was but yet still attempted to see what was behind the curtains,” East says of the album in a press release. “I’m very proud of what it took to make and its ultimate outcome. I am very grateful to the wonderfully talented humans that lent their gifts to make it what it is.”

OSTON – I Think You Should Leave

OSTON drops a cool Pop/Trap crossover on “I Think You Should Leave.” I’m loving the songwriting and the production is on point.

She says, “You know that one person that shows up to the party and starts talking about themself, making everyone feel bad, and ultimately having everyone wish they’d just stayed at home? Yeah, this song is about that person.”

This catchy song will be stuck in fans’ heads for a while.

Tkay Maidza – Syrup

Tkay Maidza goes hard on the Dan Farber-produced “Syrup.” That bass line is nothing to play with.

twenty one pilots – Shy Away

“Shy Away” is the lead single from twenty one pilots’ sixth studio album, Scaled and Icy. It’s “feel good.” It has pace and a rhythm to make you move. I’m feeling this one! The song arrives with a music video, directed by Miles & AJ.

Alice Merton – Vertigo

Alice Merton’s “Vertigo” is fantastic. It’s charged up with energy and a wonderful arrangement. You won’t be sorry for pressing play on this one.

“’Vertigo’ was the first song I had written, where I thought ‘OK, now I’m actually writing for the next album,'” Merton tells Rolling Stone. “For the first time in a while, I felt excited to have written a song that I couldn’t wait to perform live. It basically came about after Koz and I had talked about what it’s like living in Berlin, the very different club scene, and my anxiety when it came to going out and being in big crowds and small spaces. I casually described a club night, where I felt out of place, and the feeling of vertigo took over. We both felt it would be fun to play around with this idea and create a dark atmosphere, supported by a driving rhythm and an almost hypnotic guitar riff.”

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