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Cat & Calmell – jorge

Wavves – Help Is on the Way

Doss – On Your Mind

Modest Mouse – We Are Between

OneRepublic – Run

Dayglow – Balcony

joan – so good

“So Good” is so nice! The vocal tone reminds me of NSYNC era Justin Timberlake, in a way. The music is definitely reminiscent of past Pop stylings, but definitely 2000s R&B.

“‘So good’ is about feeling like you’re meant to be with someone who just walked in the room,” says the duo. “It’s about being around someone that just makes your life feel good. It’s about wishing that person was there your whole life, because you didn’t realize how good it could be. Here’s hoping you have that someone, or hoping you find them soon.”

Here is an exclusive interview with the Arkansas duo.

YONAKA – Call Me a Saint

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