8 New Songs to Start Your Weekend from Morgan Bosman, L Devine, Jawny & More

8 New Songs to Start Your Weekend from Morgan Bosman, L Devine, Jawny & More


This is your weekly delivery of new tunes from around the world. From up-and-coming indie talent to well-known major acts, you’ll be kept up to date on quality tracks that you should be listening to.

Morgan Bosman – MMF (Missed My Flight)

Morgan Bosman releases the Kadence Pat-produced “MMF (Missed My Flight).” She has a seductive delivery and tone on this one and deserves a spot in your R&B/new music playlists.

Vistas – Dayglow

Vistas shares a news single called “Dayglow” from the upcoming What Were You Hoping To Find? album.

“I wrote ‘Dayglow’ right at the start of lockdown and it was intended to be an optimistic song,” the band’s Prentice says. “At that time, I would often daydream about things I wanted to do when lockdown ended and I found that was a good way for me to deal with what was happening. It made me miss those lost nights with my favourite people but also made me optimistic that they would happen again and that’s what helped pull me through.”

JAWNY – Take It Back

Rock out with JAWNY in the back of a trash tuck for the new song “Take It Back.”

Speaking to The FADER via email, JAWNY explained, “I probably listened to this song 250 times before I officially turned everything into the label for release. I tried to dance on the line between acceptance and anger, ‘If she never loved me then I’m better off alone’ seemed like a mantra for self-worth.”

L Devine – Girls Like Sex

L Devine’s Near Life Experience Part 1 is horny and that can be heard from “Girls Like Sex.”

Poppy – Fear of Dying

Poppy shares a cover of Jack Off Jill’s “Fear of Dying” and her rendition goes hard. Definitely, give this a listen.

Asiahn – OMW

Asiahn is so smooth. “OMW” is her latest drop and you’ll love it this weekend. She sings confidently as she follows up label debut with The Interlude EP.

Ebhoni – Rep It

Toronto’s Ebhoni returns with FrancisGotHeat-produced “Rep It.” She is confident over this darker production reminiscent of earlier Travis Scott and the Toronto music scene.

“These last few months have been what felt the darkest time in my life, one being faced with a really bad relationship/situation,” Ebhoni states. “And while I was in the midst of it all nothing made sense. ‘Rep It’ is truly me reflecting on that relationship and making this song provided me with so much clarity. It is a reflection of that trash relationship and how I’d never allow myself to get to a place like that again.”

Griff – One Foot In Front Of The Other

Griff’s “One Foot In Front Of The Other” is lovely. It’s an optimistic song to round out this week’s selections and you’ll be glad you gave it a listen. Be encouraged by this one in the face of all the things that bring us down.

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