This is your weekly delivery of new tunes from around the world. From up-and-coming indie talent to well-known major acts, you’ll be kept up to date on quality tracks that you should be listening to to start your weekend off right.

Citizen Soldier – Empty Cup

Citizen Soldier delivers the energy on “Empty Cup.” Its production is exciting and weighted perfectly through the highs and lows. The writing is excellent and delivers a message many of us can appreciate. Via Twitter: “If someone says you’re not enough, leave them behind. “Empty Cup” out now!”

Kota the Friend – ’96 Bulls

Brooklyn’s Kota the Friend releases “96 Bulls.” He’s back on his bullsh!t with a chill Hip Hop cut laced with laidback bars. The second half is a nice switch-up to pick up the pace.

Charli XCX – Good Ones

Charli XCX is back with the Oscar Holter-produced “Good Ones.” It’s ready for the dancefloor and will add a nice party track to your weekend.

“The ‘Good Ones’ video sees me dramatically mourning the untimely loss of my partner as I battle with the realisation that once again I’ve abandoned the goodness in my life, in favour of the sinister,” Charli states.

Kirby – Coconut Oil

Kirby is smooth and sexy on “Coconut Oil.” She brings a soulful bounce and playful energy to her latest song.

“Baby I don’t go outside in the rain (Just got my hair done) / Nails on tip and them baby hairs laid / (Like my bundles),” she sings.

Florrie – Human

English Pop artist, Florrie, drops “Human.” It’s all about our experience as such. We’re only human and that’s enough. Enjoy this one and the rest of the selection this weekend and beyond.

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