Split Sheets: Working with Co-writers pt. 1

Working with Co-writers pt. 1: Splits & Split Sheets

Intro • The Business of Co-writing • Lyricists vs. Composers vs. Songwriters • Splits & Split Sheets • Outro Intro “Teamwork makes the dream work” – “Collaboration is key” – “Your network is your net worth” – As cliché as these sayings are, they all boil down to one simple truth: music is a team […]

NFT Mania: Swae Lee, Illmind, and Grimes Enter the Ring

Swae Lee, Illmind, and Grimes have all embraced the NFT craze

NFTs have the music industry buzzing in a way they have never before. Swae Lee, Illmind, and Grimes are some of the latest high-profile figures in music to embrace the NFT craze. Who’s next? There really is no adrenaline rush like finding out one of your favorite music creatives is embracing the new technology you’ve […]