Slept On Sunday: Jean Grae and Quelle Chris

It’s Sunday and ‘Everything’s Fine’ by Jean Grae and Quelle Chris is slept on. Released in 2018 the duo made it a point to always lean towards what sounds interesting rather than what sounds appealing. Maybe that’s why this project has been put to the side since its release. Unique albums like this only really […]

Trez Bell Gives His All on the Sexy “Y.G.I.”

Tennessee’s Trez Bell (formerly Trez) has released his second commercial single, Y.G.I. The song shows a more upbeat and sexy side of the artist, in contrast to his last drop, “Throw It Back.” Produced by Hayden THC, the beat gives off subtle dancehall vibes with R&B/Hip Hop overlays. Trez also released a video to accompany […]

Slept On Sunday: Tierra Whack

Its Sunday and Tierra Whack is still slept on. But for how much longer? This isn’t a retrospective wake up call; more like an alarm clock, because this Philadelphia artist should be on everyone’s radar by now. If you’ve missed her music so far, don’t worry. It’s an easy catch-up. So far she’s dropped a […]

Verzuz Recap: Patti Labelle vs. Gladys Knight

More than a half-million people tuned in to Sunday night’s OG phenomena, aka, Gladys Knight and Patti Labelle’s Verzuz. This was more of a Family Reunion, more specifically, everybody’s two favorite aunties chatting it up over Sunday dinner. If you viewed via Instagram, nothing but blue checks could be seen for miles with comments from […]

Slept On Sunday: El-P

It’s Sunday and El-P is still slept on. El-P, pronounced L-P and short for El-Producto, is a rapper/producer from Brooklyn. He began his career in 1992 as a part of the historic underground group Company Flow. After the group disbanded he started his own lable, Def Jux, a name that holds significant weight in underground […]

Slept On Sunday: Nujabes

Rest in peace, to the legendary producer/DJ, Nujabes. It’s Sunday and Nujabes is still slept on. For those that don’t know, Nujabes was a Japanese producer active in the early 2000s. Though his life and career were short, he left a huge imprint on a big subculture of producers and hip hop fans alike. It’s not […]